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The Department is growing our commitment to student success through numerous funds established to support educational programs and scholarship efforts. Some opportunities for support are presented below. Learn more about others in our scholarship history booklet. You may "click" give now to give on-line directly to the OSU Foundation. A drop-down list shows endowed fund choices.

Opportunities to Give

  • Ag Economics Undergraduate Scholarship Fund (21-30900)
    Created to support the Agricultural Economics Faculty Undergraduate Scholarship Program. Goes to one or more deserving student each year.

  • Ag Economics Endowment Fund (21-28500)
    Supports activities of the Agricultural Economics Department at Oklahoma State University including seminars and faculty enhancement.
  • Kim and Kathryn Anderson Agricultural Economics Endowed Scholarship
    Supports departmental efforts in recruiting and maintaining quality students in agricultural economics. The scholarship is awarded to students participating in leadership activities while pursuing academic excellence.
  • John W. Goodwin Endowed Agricultural Economics Scholarship Fund (21-63500)
    Supports two separate scholarships: one for an outstanding incoming freshman student; and one for a sophomore, junior, or senior student.

  • Dan Badger Agricultural Economics Endowment Fund (21-0460)
    Supports programs within the Department of Agricultural Economics for the following: Scholarships for undergraduate students. Support professional faculty development activities and enhance international student enrollment.

  • Joseph E. Williams Agricultural Economics Scholarship Endowment Fund (21-4310)
    Supports scholarships in the Department of Agricultural Economics in honor of Dr. Joseph E. Williams. Recipients are selected based on academics, achievement, initiative, and leadership.

  • Harry P. Mapp Graduate Fellowship Fund (21-64200)
    Supports departmental efforts in maintaining an excellent graduate educational program. Provides a scholarship for a full-time graduate student with preference given to students with an expressed interest in production ecomonics, natural resource economics, or agricultural finance.

  • Clem Ward Endowed Scholarship Fund (21-61300)
    Supports departmental efforts in maintaining an excellent graduate educational program. The scholarship is awarded annually to one or more well-rounded graduate students, preferably working in livestock economics.

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