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Leasing Issues for Landowners

1. OSU/National Agricultural Law Center Wind Energy Leasing Handbook

2. North Dakota State University Extension: Wind Turbine Leasing Considerations for Landowners

3. Windustrys Leasing Your Land to Developers

4. Risk and Rewards From Leasing Your Land to Owning a Project

5. The Wind Coalition: Developing the Nation's Wind Corridor

Large Scale Wind

1. Purdue University Extension: Renewable Energy - Wind Energy

2. American Wind Energy Association

3.Unievrsity of Missouri: College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources -Wind Farms

4. Kansas Energy Information Network: Wind Energy

5. The California Energy Commision: Wind Energy in California

6. Michigan State University Extension: Wind Power

7. Colorado State University: Energy Resources - Wind Energy

8.Wind Energy Development Programmatic EIS Information Center

9. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection: Wind Energy - A Cost Effective, Fuel - Free Resources

10. Sandia National Laboratories: Wind Energy Technology

11. The Bureau of Land Management: Energy - Wind Energy

Small Scale Wind

1. Missouri Department of Natural Resources: Small Wind Energy Systems

2. University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension: Know How.

3. US Department of Energy

4. North Dakota State University Extension: Energy

5. University of Missouri Extension: Wind Energy in Missouri

6. Oregon Renewable Resources: Small Wind Energy

7. US Department of Energy: Energy efficiency and renewable energy - Small Wind Electric Systems

8. State Energy Conservation Office: Small Wind Systems

General Wind Energy Information

1. Oregon: Renewable Resources - Wind Energy

2. Energy Information Administration: Wind

3. National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Wind Research

4. Wind Energy Development Programmatic EIS: Wind Energy

5. Missouri Department of Natural Resources: Wind Energy Resources

6. Window on State Government: Wind Energy

7. Harvesting the Wind: A Landowner's Guide to Wind Energy Development in the Great Plains

8. Landowner's Frequently Asked Questions About Wind Development

Siting Wind Energy Projects

1. Wind Energy Siting Handbook

2. Michigan Siting Guidelines for Wind Energy Systems

3. Oregon Permitting and Siting Wind Facilities

4. Wind Powering America: Siting Turbines

5. Wind Energy Siting Handbook: Guideline Options for Kansas Cities and Counties

6. Wind Power Siting, Incentives, and Wildlife Guidelines in the United States

7.Wind Energy Planning Resources for Utility-Scale in Vermont: A Product of the Wind Siting Consensus Project

Wind Energy Organizations

1.Legalities of Leasing: Wind Energy Lease Agreements

2.National Wind Watch: Wind Power Siting Issues Overview

3. California Wind Energy Association

4. Windustry