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Download Sample Files

(Right-click on a file name and choose "Save Target As" to download)

   Sample Files 2018

Sample Files 2017

   Sample Files 2016

Note: New Quicken ID Setup Instructions: Why am I prompted to create a new Quicken ID and password?

The Sample files are in a Zip format (LOND__ files contain several files) that must be extracted after you download the file. Right click on the desired link to download the zip file and save the zip file to your computer using the "Save Link As" option. Go to the download arrow at the top right of your screen and find the file (or go to My Computer and find it). Click on the file name and then Extract all files. Select a Destination and click Extract. Once the files are extracted you can use them by opening the Quicken program and click File, Open and select the appropriate file.

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