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A confidential farm financial planning service

Since 1985, IFMAPS has helped more than 5,500 farm families identify ways to improve their farm financial future. A call to IFMAPS leads to a meeting with a consultant at a time and place convenient for the producer, often at the producer’s home. New or different farm enterprises, asset restructuring, improving resource use and developing more efficient management techniques, are considered. IFMAPS specialists use information from producer’s records to develop farm budgets and financial statements. They then review the plans with producers. Farm families who receive IFMAPS assistance are better able to organize their financial information, evaluate this information, and make informed, realistic decisions about their operations.

IFMAPS is now a fee-based program. An upfront fee of $200 is required prior to the first meeting to cover the cost of the initial consultation and data-gathering session with the IFMAPS specialist and travel expenses. An additional $300 payment is required upon completion of the budgets, financial statement and follow-up consultation if the case requires fewer than 15 hours to complete. The specialist will estimate the expected completion time during the first meeting. Analysis of more complicated cases or evaluation of alternative plans will be assessed a supplemental hourly charge of $50 per hour for plan development, analysis and discussion.

PLEASE NOTE: Free assistance is available through November 1, 2018 to anyone who experienced wildfire and wants help through the IFMAPS program.

Call 1-800-522-3755 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Producers say:

  • "It helps individuals look at their overall program and see what pays and what does not."

  • "It is a very good program. It puts information in order and perspective and makes it easier to understand."

  • "I think this program is a real plus to us. It makes farmers and ranchers sit down and figure out what is working in their operation."

  • "I think it’s a tool all of us in production need to use. It puts it on paper to see, what a lot of us assume we know. I appreciate what you are doing."
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