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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who uses IFFS?

    Users include computer-savvy producers, farm management consultants, and educators. With the software, users can evaluate alternative management plans and study potential outcomes of decisions before investments are made. Educators can use the software to develop case studies for classes and workshops. Software users will gain a better understanding of the impact of changes in farm plans on business financial performance and position.

  • What are the steps in building a whole farm plan in IFFS?

    1. Gather the farm financial and production information needed from farm records. The IFFS Data Collection helps users summarize the data needed:

      • Trend worksheet (hyperlink)

      • Cash operating expense allocation worksheet (hyperlink)

      • Worksheets summarizing production and, if possible, monthly expense allocation (hyperlink)

      • Asset inventory (hyperlink)

      • Debt worksheet hyperlink)
      • Other income worksheets (hyperlink)

      • Family living expenses worksheet (hyperlink)

    2. Develop enterprise budgets using CLBUD and save each individually.

    3. Complete an Additional Information worksheet using AI.

    4. Record asset and liability information in MULTSTAT.

    5. Load budgets (enterprise budgets and additional information) into MULTSTAT.

    6. Review the financial statements and ratios.

    7. To analyze an alternative plan, outline changes to be made, modify budgets as needed or add/remove budgets, modify the debt worksheet and balance sheet if necessary, and save new plan.

  • Can you import information from a computerized farm records system?

    Data from producer's QuickenÒ and QuickBooksÒ financial records can be imported for cash income and expense, using an add-on program, QLink.

  • What kinds of budgets are included?

    IFFS includes enterprise budget templates (crops, forages, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and livestock) developed using representative Oklahoma data. The templates are easily customized to match an individual producer's situation.

  • Are there links with other software tools?

    OSU Enterprise Budget software will create files for use in IFFS.

  • What are the minimum computer requirements?

    IFFS requires a computer capable of running Microsoft Excel 97 or newer. Minimum requirements are a processor of 486 MHZ, Microsoft Windows 95, 8 MB of memory, 110 MB of disk space, and one CD-ROM drive. Recommended computer specifications include a processor of 1GHZ or higher, Microsoft 2000 or newer, Excel 2000, 512 MB of memory, 10 GB of disk space, and a CD-R/CD-RW drive.

  • Is a trial version available?

    Sorry, no trial version is available. We're a low budget outfit and don't have the resources to develop one. Call or e-mail us if you want to give it a test drive before purchasing.

  • What does IFFS cost?

    The IFFS software package costs $200* and includes:

    • An instruction manual with a step-by-step tutorial for building a plan for an example farm.

    • Data collection packet to summarize production and financial data needed for a complete plan.

    • Software on CD.

    Institutional purchasers of the software are expected to buy one copy per user. Multiple copies of the IFFS software may be purchased at a discount if users participate in a one day training workshop.

    Discount price schedule:

    5 pack (10% discount)$900
    10 pack (15% discount)$1,700
    20 pack (25% discount)$3,000

    Training will be free if held on the Oklahoma State University campus in Stillwater. Sessions will be scheduled periodically and upon request if 10 or more participants register. Training can also be scheduled at other locations in Oklahoma for $200 for a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 users if computer facilities are provided ($400 if OSU portable computers are used). Fees for out-of-state training are negotiable and will depend on the travel costs for instructors. Special pricing for copies of IFFS to be used in a course or other educational program is available.

    * for international shipping additional charges apply

  • What software support is provided?

    Technical support from Extension staff is available by e-mail or phone weekdays 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST.