Department of Agricultural Economics Extension


What is included in Annie's Project?
The course is offered in six 3 hour sessions with participation limited to 10 - 25 people. A sample program itinerary shows the topics covered

Session One:

  • Welcome and Intro to Annie's
  • Women and Money: Family Financial Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Family and Business Communication

Session Two

  • Developing a business plan and goal setting
  • Legal Issues
  • Insurance Basics: Property, Life, Health

Session Three

  • Financial Statements
  • Estate and Retirement Planning

Session Four

  • Crop or Livestock Marketing
  • Crop and Livestock Insurance
  • Helpful Agencies & Organizations: FSA, NRCS, RCD, producer groups, etc.

Session Five

  • Computer Tools: "Hands On" Session (may require internet access)
  • Farm Records
  • Enterprise Budgets
  • Other Ag Spreadsheets, Websites and/or Apps

Session Six - Student Choice

  • Topics to be selected by participants
  • Graduation of participants who have completed all segments

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