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Food Demand Survey

The purpose of this project is to track consumer preferences and sentiments on the safety, quality, and price of food consumed at home and away from home. The project will track consumer awareness of food-related issues and events. Moreover, the project will track and index consumer demand for several retail meat products.

Consumer surveys can be used to analyze immediate past consumer behavior, as well as develop models that look to the future. This project provides a platform for a rapid analysis for emerging policy or marketing issues. Information will allow researchers to predict changes in demand based upon current food issues. Collected data will assist researchers in tracking the eating intentions and change in food demand.

Monthly summaries and updates of our findings are reported below. If you are interested in adding questions to our ongoing surveys, accessing the detailed data or to subscribe to our monthly report email, contact us at


New Tool (FooDS) Identifies Consumers' Views on Food Safety

Survey Information
Survey Questions and Methods

Monthly Reports:

Volume 3

Issue 5: September 2015

Issue 4: August 2015

Issue 3: July 2015

Issue 2: June 2015

Issue 1: May 2015

Volume 2

Second Year Summary

Issue 12: April 2015

Issue 11: March 2015

Issue 10: February 2015

Issue 9: January 2015

Issue 8: December 2014

Issue 7: November 2014

Issue 6: October 2014

Issue 5: September 2014

Issue 4: August 2014

Issue 3: July 2014

Issue 2: June 2014

Issue 1: May 2014

Volume 1

First Year Summary

Issue 12: April 2014

Issue 11: March 2014

Issue 10: February 2014

Issue 9: January 2014

Issue 8: December 2013

Issue 7: November 2013

Issue 6: October 2013

Issue 5: September 2013

Issue 4: August 2013

Issue 3: July 2013

Issue 2: June 2013

Issue 1: May 2013

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